Blogging in 2019? Why?

I am Blogging? It is a fair question, considering most people feel the 'Blog' as now gone the way of VHS, The CD and DVD and the Dodo. What blogging does do in te modern day is offer you the opportunity ot see my writing, I a writer, it is what I do, This is also a place I can talk about my adventures away from the Keyboard. I am a Public Speaker, an artist, an actor and a Cosplay nut. Steampunk is another excuse for me to dress up like something I am not and have a lot of fun doing so.

I am blogging because I want a Diary of my events, an opportunity to share with you the reader and a place in which I can ramble on and keep a track of where my mind was focused at any particular point in the future.

In this world of Socil media posts needing to be short and to the point, there is the refreshing thought a post can be a lengthy reflection of society. It's been said, science fiction is some of the best social fiction, so a keen observation of the world is a useful tool in my writing

I will have a plce to sare and remember cool events like Thy Geekdom Con III when the Cosplay Crew and Myself introduced the Characters of Outbreak Z, which I decided later to change t the Lycanthrope Syndrome (Coming iin 2020). You can checkout he seventh Con coming in 2020 also, I will be there speaking

I can cover the topics of my Panels, like the STEAM Travel I presented at PA STEAMfestfes at the SteelStacks, Bethlehem PA this last September. Check out as STEAMfest II will returning August 2020.

I go to so many different events, and most o my memories of them are never shared. News feeds are where sharing goes to dei, websites are cluttered if updated to frequently. place to always share the events I visit as an author.

There is a lot of work involve in becoming a self-published author, a from the development of book covers, editing, publishing, world building and character development, all of which Involved experience I can share, who knows, it might help someone.

Blogging also affords me the opportunity to show the progress of the books development. Seen below is the progress of the creation of Lexi's armor in the book The Scarlet Cross from the 2259 Universe.

Yes, Blogging still holds a purpose, it is just different.