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Public Appearences

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Thy Geekdom Con VII
Panel, Booth Cosplay

Oaks, Pennsylvania

Greater Philadelphia Expo & convention  Center

May 22nd-24th 2020

Panel, Cosplay and Booth

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania


August 21st-22nd 2020

Key City Steampunk Festival


Montgomery Harris is a Nerd, and this truth is also his favorite compliment.  To  Monty, being considered normal would be terribly boring.


Writer, Public Speaker, Artist costumer and amateur actor, he is always busy.  His love of all things creative motivates a constant learning from sub-cultures and the passions of people within those communities. Passion, no matter the subject, is the narcotic of the creative mind!  After loosing his eyesight in 2009, Monty began his quest to relearn the skills which would have otherwise been lost.  Montgomery Harris Author is the site for you to find the way to the very latest in upcoming titles.

Early Life

Monty was born and 'dragged up' in the Black County town of Walsall in the West Midlands of England. Raised in a blue collar family of industrial workers, he knew the path was not for him, mainly due to the encouragement of his family to aim high. Having been blessed with an imagination, a love of story telling and crafting worlds and characters he was always quick to suggest the 'play' subjec for the day with friends. Itwas the formation of a career in the waiting. Monty was also aware of the number of veterans of World War Two in his amily and neighborhood, a fascination which would later lead his quest for adventure into the British Army. Above all, his passion for writing, drawing and crafting was a common source of daydreaming. Unfortunately, daydreaming in the nineteen seventies and early eighties was not yet seen as a valuable asset in education. A class clown, in most subjects which did not hold his imagination and interest, he was relieved to choose his own subjects in Comprehensive school, making great advances in Geography, History, English, Art and Craft, Design and Technology. He also was a keen sportsman playing football, Rugby and Cricket as well as enjoying a hobby of orienteering, Mountain Walking, Kayaking and adventure education with both family and school friends.

At the age of sixteen, he found he was going o be a father and seeking security and employment he signed up to join the Royal Artillery as a signaler in 1989. His first daughter Kelsey was born in March the following year.

British Army

Monty completed basic training in June of 1990 just weeks before he Gulf War began.  He served as a Recce for Depth Fire Artillery in The Bengal Rocket Troop as well as completing tours in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Norway and a United Nations tour. His greatest regret about the Army, as is the case with so many veterans, was the cost of his personal relationship with his daughter, a situation which would not be repaired until after he had moved to the United States. It is a maor season why Monty sees Military Families as the forgotten Veterans.

In 1997, Montgomery left the army and became a student once more. During his Time at Leeds University he continued his service with the Royal Artillery as a reservist He credits his time in the military wit his focus on Military Science Fiction within many of s stories.


Post Army Life

After returning to his education  and  graduating from Leeds University with a BA in History in Politics. As a treat, he decided to travel o the united states and 'travel rather than deploy' It was here he met his future wife Sherry and a fast friendship soon blossomed. The result of the friendship was their marriage in July 2001 and Monty moving to the United States and eventually becoming a citizen. In January 2003 his second daughter, Mackenzie, was born. It was soon after the both of Mackie, Monty was able to reform a relationship with Kelsey.

In 2008, despite the Phillies winning the World Series in the greatest sporting event of the 21st century, the metaphorical ass dropped out of Monty's World. Between February and August of that year e would loose his eyesight, lean of his Dad's Terminal Cancer and suffer kidney failure. At thirty-six years old, it appeared his life was over and he was condemned to a life on disability. It would have been the end apart from three major factors in his life 'I had a strong and supportie family, I had great doctors who wanted to see me live and an attitude that said F*** No!, I am not even forty yet!'. In addition, Monty's first Granddaughter, Lexi, was born in September of  the same year.

'Hope is not something you need to find,  it is always there, inside you, you just have to remember where you left it. Time to adapt or die.'

The recovery, rehabilitation and transplant procedure, combined with the hellish and life draining experience of living on dialysis was not easy, and those words were not always remembered, but, when Monty was facing a new problem of brain-numbing boredom, it was Sherry who presented the idea in her usual no-nonsense manner and said, 'you know you love writing, why not write something. It was the words above, scribble din the frustration of failing eyesight,  which inspired my creation of The Lycanthrope Syndrome Universe, a book winch as been presented as a game,  Zombie Thriller and many other guises before becoming what would be his first true 'serious' writing project.

The title of the first Lycanthrope Syndrome book 'Paths' came from having found a new life path after the illness. The paths which lead us away from what we expected may lead to our greatest strengths and new horizons. Since loosing his eyesight Monty has become a Cosplay Prop builder, a writer, a public speaker and returned to acting. Monty lives in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia with his wife Sherry. He has two daughters , Kelsey and Mackenzie and two Granddaughters, Lexi and Isla.-Rose, Of everything I have ever done in my life, the greatest titles I have had the honor to hold are 'Dad' and 'Granddad'.

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