Beta Reading information 

Introducing the 2259 Universe. The Scarlet Cross is the first book in this Science Fiction Post-Apocalypse Opera. I am currently seeking Beta readers who are fans of the Genre, Diversity readers who can offer honest input on my representation of the LBTQA community and ethnic and racial cultures.

2259 is a world set during a War which knows no end only long periods of inactivity as lines of allegiance are redrawn. High Haven is the capital city of 'Penndelio', an Island of the North American Archipelago. The Island protected by the New Order of The Knights Templar works with other guilds of commerce, centers of academia and the population  to ensure the safety of their people, seeking to keep the World War at bay. This is the story of one family within the High Haven Community, the Amblers.

The Scarlet Cross follows Lexi Ambler's journey as she learns her family's role in the establishment of High Haven and the Temple. From the Refugee Concentration Camps of the mid-twenty-first Century to the struggles of surviving the Fugee Flu Pandemic, the famine of The Long Winter and the relentless attacks of the Raiders the family has fought. The Ambler family's service to High Haven continues through a bitter Civil War known as the Faith Wars, The A.I. War and the struggle to control the safety of the Wasteland. He family tree of the Ambler family’s history has twisted it’s branches through obstacles and terrors which would have seen a lesser family wither.

As the first book in this epic series, Lexi prepares to make her own journey into the Wastelands and complete her training as a Templar Knight. A journey that will lead her not only towards the physical and mental challenges of her trials but the emotional travails of admitting her own weaknesses. A journey which will end with her unique connection to her family’s history is about to begin.

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Beta Reader Application

Requirements for Beta Reading.
Al applicants for Beta Reading must be able to read 12,000-word packages over a 10 day period.
Beta Readers will be required to complete a questionnaire and feedback form with each package
Feedback notes should be submitted on a style form in chronological order. 
All communications will be provided via E-ail and Facebook messenger, this may require video conversations based on the length of feedback.
Packages will be released on Thursdays, allowing for two weekends during the Beta Read Package Period.
All Beta Readers will be added to the ‘Monty’s Confidential Group’ on Facebook. Those who do not use Facebook need not apply.
Montgomery Harris stories are written for adults and contain violence, mature language and occasional scenes of a sexual nature.
Some characters may use discriminatory language, display dark thoughts or act in an offensive manner. This done for realism in the characters and does not reflect the opinions of the author in any way. If easily offended, please consider this before applying as a Beta Reader.
For more information, please feel free to contact the author via The Mind of Montgomery Harris Facebook page.
Please take time to watch the video below to better understand the Beta Reading Process.