Ray Bradbury says 'Science Fiction Balances you on the edge of a cliff, Fantasy pushes you off.'. I say, let me tell you about the fall.'

Montgomery Harris     

Beta, Critique Partners and A.R.C.  Readers Wanted!

Introducing the 2259 Universe. The Scarlet Cross is the first book in this Science Fiction Post-Apocalypse Opera. I am currently seeking Beta readers who are fans of the Genre, Diversity readers who can offer honest input on my representation of the LBTQA community and ethnic and racial cultures. See More...

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Montgomery Harris


Montgomery Harris is a Nerd, and this truth is also his favorite compliment. Writer, Public Speaker, Artist costumer and amateur actor, he is always busy.  His love of all things creative motivates a constant learning from sub-cultures and the passions of people within those communities. Passion, no matter the subject, is the narcotic of the creative mind!  After loosing his eyesight in 2009, Monty began his quest to relearn the skills which would have otherwise been lost.  Montgomery Harris Author is the site for you to find the way to the very latest in upcoming titles.

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