Ray Bradbury says 'Science Fiction Balances you on the edge of a cliff, Fantasy pushes you off.'. I say, let me tell you about the fall.'

Montgomery Harris     

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Using the dates of the calendar used before the catastrophe, I can tell you it was in the fourth decade of the twenty-first century people  realized efforts to save the ecco-system were failing.  The warnings of scientists had given for the past seventy years, ignored by politicians, laughed at by conspiracy theorists and despised by industry, were now undeniable. The urgency f the situation did little to speed up the rusting wheels of the world’s democracies. Debate on what action to take became more of a talking point than the issue on hand. Changes which could have happened two centuries before the crisis humanity now faces disappeared in the turning of the next news cycle. By the time a international conference, set for September of twenty-thirty-six, it was to late.

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No one stopped to think of the damage inflicted on the Earth. . The War continued and with the need for more and more resources, no thought was given to the long term cost.  needed to fight preservation became a lost ideal. The rainforests were continually cut away with newer and more efficient means. The Amazon was disappearing at the rate of seven thousand acres a day with little to no regard for the effect the loss of the world’s largest rain forest impacting the atmosphere. The rainforest regeneration programs formed by the Unified South American States saw that replanting continued at the rate of only five hundred and fifty acres a Week.   Some regulation was offered to the Amazon when After the United States annexed Central America and Mexico in order to secure the flow of oil from Brazil and Venezul,  Soon, the enemy with whom the west fought saw the rain forest as a strategic target. Two million square miles burned faster than the fires could be fought.  The loss of the Amazon was the first disaster in the first apocalypse
Pollution was considered a necessity and the smog clouds were acknowledged with soundbites comparing the discomfort of the choking air quality as nothing compared to the suffering of the troops. Smog, to all intents and purposes was just a necessary evil to be paid towards the price of victory. The number if deaths were in the millions globally. In London in nineteen fifty-two, twelve thousand died, and one hundred thousand suffered medical complications in a period of five days. The numbers for the smog clouds of twenty-forty-three were classified and played down as subversive fake news by the government. We do know the smog clouds lasted for months all over the Northern Hemisphere. The bodies could not be burned, and it was to dangerous t dig. The lucky ones were placed on death ships and dumped out at sea.  The lesser fortunate were left t to rot , unclaimed in the streets among the garbage.. Horror stories riddle our history of the subject of the smog deaths. It was said he Los Angeles River was blocked with a dam of copses. In St Lois, people claimed they could walk to Illinois over the without getting their feet wet there were so many bodies dumped in the Mississippi; of course, the Mississippi was still a river and not a channel in the middle of the twenty-first., so historians have no reason to doubt the claim.
With the event which were to follow the ‘Smog Storms’. Many say the true unfortunates were those who live, because the real disasters were yet to come.

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War Date: 2669-27.19 Zulu
Roman Calendar Date 2 PM August 3rd 2058

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